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Full Stack Web Developer, Gamer and Part-Time Streamer based in South Florida

Hi guys, my name is Elke and I am a Full Stack Web Developer. I enjoy playing World of Warcraft, and have played since Vanilla (Jan 2005). I am a part-time streamer and full-time fitness evangelist and advocate. I am presently working on my personal training certificate. I reside in Stuart, FL with my smokeshow of a husband and dog Scout.

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I love Thur
Thirty Seconds to Mars but this new album is an auto tune travesty.

Unfortunately the new Season 3 currencies for Time Rift & Dreamsurge gear are not BOA

I’d imagine these have been added so that people don’t hoard them now and buy a bunch of upgrades when S3 starts

@WarcraftDevs can you please make these new currencies go in the ...currency tab

On the What Your GP podcast I discuss with @lizctucker how my husband, Woody's suicide after being prescribed the drug Zoloft has led me to spend the last 2 decades campaigning for safer drugs. And why I think the system of drug regulation has to change.

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‎What Your GP Doesn’t Tell You: The Accidental Drug Advocate on Apple Podcasts

‎Show What Your GP Doesn’t Tell You, Ep The Accidental Drug Advocate - Sep 19, 2023

Jon is playing COD. I walked in front of him and started twerking. Then the gamer in me said "Put your head down so you don't block his view" 🤣

I'm hosting a panel at @PAXAus 2023!

"All about IRL Content" is a panel with the legends @splucy @Princess_Flick & @nessalpaca taking all of us through everything we might want to know!

Kicking off at 4:30pm on Saturday the 7th in the Dropbear Theatre.

...Hope to see you there!

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