Web Developer, Warcraft Addict, Fitness Evangelist
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Full Stack Web Developer, Gamer and Part-Time Streamer based in South Florida

Hi guys, my name is Elke and I am a Full Stack Web Developer. I enjoy playing World of Warcraft, and have played since Vanilla (Jan 2005). I am a part-time streamer and full-time fitness evangelist and advocate. I am presently working on my personal training certificate. I reside in Stuart, FL with my smokeshow of a husband and dog Scout.

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No stream till next week! I'm still recovering from being sick and then will be out of town Thur and Sun.

I can keep up, but what is it with these tanks that just chain pull and lock half the dungeon group out of a boss, making it take that much longer to kill because you don't wait? Seriously would it kill you to wait an extra sec to pull?

Finally feeling better. My fever lasted three days. Came on quickly and disappeared just as quickly.

My first was really Keeta but never really got the hang of her. I ended up making Clöver and that’s where the majority of my toons are named after her.

Yay I’m sick again. Came down with a fever yesterday. Gotta get better. I’m off to Wisconsin in a week.

I’m slipping. Left without my gym bag again. No Myzone, but at least I have Jon’s headphones. It’s cuz I’m repping Alliance. I deserve it.

Does anyone actually like wearing a bra? I have hated them since I was a kid. I remember coming home from school and immediately ripping them off. Torture devices.

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